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NBC got the only one right that matters.

epic… fail

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Is it Worth the Hype? - Pincho Factory (Miami, FL)

Here’s a local food joint in Miami that’s ultimately unique in town. Getting there is completely off the beaten path in the tourist zone of Miami Beach (unless you’re en route to Zoo Miami). I’ve been there every opportunity I can go whenever I’m in South Miami. (9860 Southwest 40th Street Miami, FL)

The photo below is the fritanga burger, typical burger but with deep fried cheese and cole slaw for the kicking flavor. The taste of the cheese does fit well with the burger patty (cooked fresh in their grill), kinda on the level of mozzarella cheese. 

Prices are totally affordable (under $10). More than burgers, they serve pinchos, fries (chocolate covered fries mind you), hot dogs, etc. They have different beer brands and mostly coke products (they do stock bottles made from Mexico, with real sugar mind you)

Fritanga Burger

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couldn’t resist laughing at the meme quote… well it was her last one to give for the day!

couldn’t resist laughing at the meme quote… well it was her last one to give for the day!

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Angry Birds in real life

Angry Birds in real life

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Plush dolls I picked up during my Japan Trip

Left: Yomiuri Giants mascot

Middle: Mt. Fuji plush

Right: Rilakkuma

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So I learned this K-Pop piece from these guys when I was in Japan (They were the one of the 3 choreographers who provided the routines for the group). At least I can partially brag I learned an actual piece from a legitimate source and not from staring at youtube.

Artist: Exo-K (new boy group from SM Entertainment)

Song: History

Dance piece is on the 1st Chorus of the song between the 1st and 2nd verses.

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So much k-pop merchandise o_o And there’s like one in every few buildings! 

Taken 5-1-2012 in Tokyo during my trip, Located in Shin Okubo area. The Korea Town of Tokyo…

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Japan Adventure

So i’m traveling to japan pretty soon… it’ll be my 1st trip solo outside of america… and i’m gonna need a ton of help surviving in a foreign country. i can tolerate within american states… but this is new territory for me

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Movie thoughts

The Running Man - Classically cheesy 1980s entertainment. Racial diversity in murdering each other. Violence Level = not too much :(

Battle Royale - Japanese school kids killing each other. Violence Level = guys may wanna protect their balls if they wanna live…

Death Race - It’s freaking real life Mario Kart. Violence Level = cheesy gore.

The Hunger Games - Will see it tomorrow. Does involve teenagers murdering each other, maybe with diversity included? Violence Level = hope it matches my expectations of Battle Royale.

What all these movies share? corrupt governments forging entertainment that involves dwindling the population, everyone loves violence!

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Workout music 2.0

Another batch of my own music to play when i hit the gym… mix of game ost, kpop, etc. Crossfit is fun… and worth the pain!

f(x) - 아이 (Love)

f(x) - Hot Summer

Girls’ Generation - The Boys

SHINee - 누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay)

The Go! Team - Junior Kickstart

The Go! Team - T.O.R.N.A.D.O.

Sota Fujimori - Synthesized

Sota Fujimori - with you -X-Sota Mix-

Daft Punk - Around The World

Nujabes - Feather

Nujabes - Think Different

This is just an assorted mix… I have more to nitpick in my collection